Antenatal Teacher Training - Real Birth Programme
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About The Real Birth Training Programme

Our FEDANT and RCM Accredited Training Programme

The Real Birth Company Training Programme is an accredited holistic antenatal teacher training. Completion enables you, as a birth professional, to teach the revolutionary Real Birth Workshop to expectant parents in your area.

At the Real Birth Company, we believe access to the right antenatal education can dramatically affect the outcome of birth. Positive information, and learning the physiology of birth, can instil confidence which can hugely benefit both mother and baby.

With this in mind, we have written The Real Birth Programme.

The Real Birth Programme is an antenatal teacher training course designed so you can deliver a fun, positive antenatal class. The class helps expecting mums to feel confident in their bodies and the process of birthing their baby. This will help them maintain calm and feel in control during their labour and birth. The course also helps birth partners to find their role during the later stages of pregnancy, labour and birth. This includes techniques to soothe and calm their partners, and how to speak up on their behalf. The aim is to increase positive birth experiences across the UK.

Your Future

We offer this antenatal teacher training for midwives, doulas and other birth professionals to learn The Real Birth Programme. Once you have completed the training you can then deliver The Real Birth Workshop to mums in your local area. You can run the course as many times as you like, resourcing your own place to practice. You find your own clients and we can help and guide you with this.

There is also the opportunity to open up your own franchise of The Real Birth Studio. Bringing The Real Birth Studio to your local area can be a life changing, exciting thing to do. Not only will you be helping women to believe in themselves and their bodies, but you will be starting your own business doing something that you truly believe in. You’ll be your own boss, decide your own hours, and have all the support from The Real Birth Company that you need.

If The Real Birth Programme or The Real Birth Company Franchise is something you would love to be involved in, please get in touch with us!