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Homebirth cancellations during Covid-19 – what you can do when planning your birth at home.

Many UK hospitals have focused on prioritising support for homebirth during Covid-19, recognising that keeping as many birthing women and people away from the hospital as possible during a pandemic is the best way to keep midwives and families safe from the coronavirus. These hospitals have also put more resources into community midwifery, offering antenatal and postnatal care either in the pregnant woman’s own home, or somewhere close by.

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Working together with West Somerset

The Real Birth Company has been working hard with different organisations across the country, making sure that our three-day RCM and FEDANT accredited antenatal teacher training programme is accessible to families, providing support to women and birth partners, most recently in the West Somerset region.  Working beside ‘SkillUp West Somerset’, ‘Somerset West and Taunton Council’ [...]

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Becoming a Real Birth Teacher

This January 2020 we held our first Real Birth Programme Training session in London, it was an energetic and really fun three days!To help midwives, doulas and other birth professionals attend our Antenatal Teacher Training Courses, in 2020 we have scheduled 21 training sessions in various locations. Attending our Teacher Training courses will give [...]

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What is MBRRACE?

MBRRACE is a report which is led by the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, at the University of Oxford, this report is an analysis and investigation into the cause of maternal death, stillbirths and infant death. The aim is to ‘provide robust national information to support the delivery of safe, equitable, high quality, patient-centered maternal, newborn [...]

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Autism in Birth

Emma Durman and Hayley Morgan both presented a small snapshot of their work at Let’s Talk Birth 2019. Their keynote discussion was surrounding Autistic Women and the pregnancy and labour experience. Zoe Wright from the Real Birth Company asked them both to write a short blog on the importance of understanding the different sensory experience [...]

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Antenatal Education, related to cakes – WHAT?!

We want to promote positive birth regardless of mode. Our antenatal class, The Real Birth Workshop, can help to empower pregnant women and their birth partners during the time leading up to birth and dramatically reduce the fear that women can feel at the prospect of having a baby. We help women and their partners, [...]

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An Insight Into Fatherhood

It isn’t completely uncommon to hear an expecting father say ‘There’s not much for me to do until the baby is two or three anyway.’ It’s a disheartening assumption. Not only for his partner and unborn child, but for him as well. There is so much a father can do with his child before the [...]

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What is a water birth like?

A water birth is something that a lot of expecting mums are starting to consider putting into their birth plans. There are many mums-to-be who are looking for natural ways to relieve discomfort during labour and birth, and water-birthing is something that evidence shows us can and often does help with this. Labouring and birthing [...]

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