Breastfeeding Bubble

The breastfeeding bubble, what it is and how can I get it?! The breastfeeding bubble…sounds lovely! It is the powerful interaction of hormones that are produced and released when a woman breastfeeds her baby. These hormones are responsible for the physical production of milk, but are also integral to, and responsible for, feelings, emotions [...]

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Vaginal examinations, information about choices and rights

Vaginal examinations, information about choices and rights. When we hear women and people discussing their births, there are two sets of numbers we tend to hear about: Dilation* - as in how many centimetres open their cervix was at different times in their labour, and the baby’s weight. “I was 6cm at 4.30, then two [...]

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Homebirth cancellations during Covid-19 – what you can do when planning your birth at home.

Many UK hospitals have focused on prioritising support for homebirth during Covid-19, recognising that keeping as many birthing women and people away from the hospital as possible during a pandemic is the best way to keep midwives and families safe from the coronavirus. These hospitals have also put more resources into community midwifery, offering antenatal [...]

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Did you know?

Breastfeeding Although I have been working in breastfeeding for 12 years now there is a phrase that continues to always bring home the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding which is: ‘human milk is for human babies!’ Breast milk is a complex, live and specifically designed food by which babies are given exactly what they [...]

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