The Big Baby Trial – what’s the big idea?

What is the Big Baby Trial and why are they doing it?  The Big Baby Trial is being run by the University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust. The researchers obtained over two and a half million pounds (£2,575,726.00) in funding from the National Institute of Health Research(1) to undertake the trial.  [...]

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The importance of undisturbed birth

In 2015 the birth world was rocked by the publication of the Kirkup Report1 into the deaths of mothers and babies during childbirth at Morecombe Bay between 2004 and 2013. A phrase that was used in the report has been repeated time and again, often by the former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, but also [...]

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Why Antenatal Education Benefits Midwives

To paraphrase (or perhaps, with apologies, to butcher) Jane Austin, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman or person who is pregnant, must be in want of antenatal education”. Antenatal education in one form or another is part of almost every pregnant woman or person’s pregnancy journey, together with their partner if [...]

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Benefits of Antenatal Education – For Pregnant Women & People

Benefits of Antenatal Education There is a failing in our school system, and it is that despite all of the sex education and reproductive biology that we may have all had to giggle through, there is nothing – and I mean nothing – on birth itself, beyond the fact that the baby comes out [...]

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Tearing through evidence: The OASI Bundle

What is OASI? The Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASI) Bundle is a group of interventions which aims to reduce the number of injuries up to and into the anal sphincter which can happen during a vaginal birth. It was created in an attempt to reduce the average rate of OASI in the UK, which [...]

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Autism in Birth

Emma Durman and Hayley Morgan both presented a small snapshot of their work at Let’s Talk Birth 2019. Their keynote discussion was surrounding Autistic Women and the pregnancy and labour experience. Zoe Wright from the Real Birth Company asked them both to write a short blog on the importance of understanding the different sensory experience [...]

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Practical wisdom from a maternity nurse

This September, our friends at Orphans Publishing are excited to be releasing respected maternity nurse Fiona Cooke's guide to the early days with a newborn baby: A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby: Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for 0-3 months. The good news is if you can’t make the launch in London (Waterstones [...]

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An Insight Into Fatherhood

It isn’t completely uncommon to hear an expecting father say ‘There’s not much for me to do until the baby is two or three anyway.’ It’s a disheartening assumption. Not only for his partner and unborn child, but for him as well. There is so much a father can do with his child before the [...]

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