Autism in Birth

Emma Durman and Hayley Morgan both presented a small snapshot of their work at Let’s Talk Birth 2019. Their keynote discussion was surrounding Autistic Women and the pregnancy and labour experience. Zoe Wright from the Real Birth Company asked them both to write a short blog on the importance of understanding the different sensory experience [...]

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Practical wisdom from a maternity nurse

This September, our friends at Orphans Publishing are excited to be releasing respected maternity nurse Fiona Cooke's guide to the early days with a newborn baby: A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby: Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for 0-3 months. The good news is if you can’t make the launch in London (Waterstones [...]

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An Insight Into Fatherhood

It isn’t completely uncommon to hear an expecting father say ‘There’s not much for me to do until the baby is two or three anyway.’ It’s a disheartening assumption. Not only for his partner and unborn child, but for him as well. There is so much a father can do with his child before the [...]

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What is a water birth like?

A water birth is something that a lot of expecting mums are starting to consider putting into their birth plans. There are many mums-to-be who are looking for natural ways to relieve discomfort during labour and birth, and water-birthing is something that evidence shows us can and often does help with this. Labouring and birthing [...]

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How birth is changing

The idea of a home birth can be quite intimidating to lots of women and their birth partners. But having your baby in a hospital attended by a doctor is actually a relatively modern approach to birth. In the early 1900’s only 5% of births were in hospitals. The majority of births were at home, [...]

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Welcome to our latest arrival!

Rachel Wood is joining our Real Birth team as a wellness coach and oil educator. She is going to teach our lovely families all about the benefits of using oils and how to do it properly, and safely. Growing up in a house of alternative health defined Rachel’s future without her realising it at the [...]

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What is a positive birth?

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear” - Jane Weideman We talk a lot about positive birth experiences. It’s the foundation of our company, and we strongly believe it’s attainable for every mum-to-be! There are many misconceptions about what a positive birth experience is. A lot of people think that it [...]

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Where We’ve Come From

The Real Birth Company started off as Zoe Wright’s dream to support pregnant and postnatal women.  Zoe wanted to promote positive birth with a holistic approach to pregnancy, labour and how you choose to birth your baby. This dream has become a reality. In 2011, Zoe started working independently to support antenatal and postnatal women. [...]

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