Meet the Hereford Team - The Real Birth Company
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Meet the Hereford Team

Meet our amazing team at The Real Birth Studio Hereford! Everyone has different strengths and expertise which we bring together to support you in your pregnancy and the postnatal period.

If you have any questions about courses, classes, workshops or anything else, please contact us on 07543 165665.

Zoe Wright

Founder of The Real Birth Company and The Real Birth Studio

​With 11 years of midwifery experience, being a Hypnobirthing and birth trauma resolution practitioner, I am here to offer support and guidance in these very special months and weeks leading up to the birth of your baby.

I am the founder of The Real Birth Programme ©, this programme has been written for mums and birthing partners, to give you information that truly helps you understand your body in labour. With this understanding you will feel more confident about the natural stages of birth. This confidence in your body can allow you to feel more in control, this control helps you feel more relaxed, being more relaxed helps you birth more comfortably and often quicker.

Being a mum of three I can remember clearly, especially with my first baby, the feelings and thoughts I had around giving birth. I understand that everyone has their own thoughts and ideas on giving birth and we want to support your choices without judgement. Alongside running the Real Birth Studio and training other health professionals, I offer antenatal classes to suit all needs, from group sessions to one to one.

​At the studio it is our goal is to help you have a positive pregnancy and birth experience. To give you tools for pregnancy and labour that do work and to help you feel more confident in achieving the pregnancy and birth you’d like.

Zoe Wright founder of The Real Birth Company

Olivia Criddle

Team Support

I’m 23 and live in Herefordshire. I have a little boy who was born in January 2017. Before having a baby, I worked at Hereford Hospital as a Maternity Support Worker. I loved working in the maternity sector as supporting women during their pregnancy is really important to me.

I did Hypnobirthing with Zoe during my pregnancy with my son and when Zoe decided to open The Real Birth Studio I was over the moon to join her team. I love being part of The Real Birth Company and working at the studio, as it’s like being part of a family.

At The Studio, I look after bookings and enquiries from women who may like to use our services. I also keep The Studio running smoothly. If you have any questions about our classes or practitioners, please do get in touch!

Leah Gallagher

Lactation Consultant

I have been working in Breastfeeding since 2007 and first qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2009. Initially I worked with teenage mothers and in areas where rates of breastfeeding were very low. I very quickly saw how although breastfeeding is completely natural, it doesn’t always come easily and that it is vital to provide women with support at this time in their lives. If women get the support, they need they will be able to breastfeed their babies as long as they wish giving their children lifelong health benefits. I love my work and it never stops being anything other than fascinating and rewarding.

Angela Benton-Browne

Yoga Instructor

I’m a mum of 3 and yoga teacher passionate about empowering women through yoga, so they have the tools to self-create ease and comfort in body and mind. Acknowledging however we are now, any chaos outside or within, and knowing that it’s ok not to be ok, if that is how it is right now.

Through my own journey as a mother, Yoga has enabled me to listen to my body and trust my intuition. It has contributed to comfort during pregnancy, given me tools I could use during labour and birth. It enabled me to heal postnataly, and to connect with my children; and so it continues, a working progress, forever changing. I love sharing this with others, respecting our individuality and learning to listen to our own needs.

After a Yoga Teacher apprenticeship with Jim Gough I have been a recognised Yoga teacher through the Independent Yoga Network since 2009. From the time when I become a mother in 2008 I have focused more on using Yoga to nourish both parent and child. More recently I have trained further in yoga for pregnancy, postnatal, baby and family yoga, hypno yoga for pregnancy and birth, yoga nidra and reflex training for baby yoga. In 2014 I enjoyed Joy de Berker’s course Education for a Happy Childhood. I am now also fortunate to continue to receive support and mentoring from Jim Gough.

Some of the other things I enjoy include connecting to my inner child, to nature and the changing seasons. I love tinkering with crafts, singing, listening to stories, reading, cooking food on a fire, walking, discovering the world with my children, pottering in the wild garden, hanging the fresh washing in the warm sun.

I value the connection and support of the communities of all my family and friends, school and neighbours. I believe it takes a village to raise a child and our support of each other creates that village.

Kelly Bukovets

Yoga Instructor

I am passionate about yoga! I began practicing as a teenager and 26 years later it is still part of my daily routine. Through various times and struggles in life, yoga has helped to bring me back to great health. I decided to become a teacher as I couldn’t think of a better way to help others. 10 years ago I qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher with The British School of Yoga and then continued with more training in Pre & Post Natal Yoga. My knowledge helped me enormously during my twin pregnancy, and even more so with the recovery after the birth of my babies. My children are now nearly 7 and we practice yoga together which is amazing.
During pregnancy a regular yoga practice can support you physically, emotionally and mentally. It eases out the discomfort of your changing body whilst improving your strength and flexibility. It helps to instil calm and balance the emotions helping you to think more positively with confidence. And most importantly, it can help to deepen your connection with your growing baby.
I teach weekly classes around Hereford including The Real Birth Studio. I am blessed and grateful to be able to share the wonderful gift of yoga with so many.

Cori Cruse

Baby Massage Teacher

I have been working in holistic therapy and massage for over a decade, having qualified in level 3 holistic therapy in 2008. During this journey, I discovered the power of loving and connected human touch. After having my daughter in 2011, I used baby massage techniques as well as baby yoga to further deepen our connection and to help us both as we grew together. For two years now I have been working as a baby massage teacher and am passionate about using my skills as a therapist to help enrich the beautiful relationship between parent and child.

My teaching is organic, it grew from the arrival of my daughter. Being a mother myself, I understand first-hand the natural ups and downs of parenthood and as such I like to bring an open and empathetic approach to each class. Through the techniques I teach, I help you to harness the natural impulse to touch and soothe. I’m also particularly passionate about nourishing the mother, especially in the early post-natal period, and, in my approach, I emphasise the importance of self-care at this time. Baby massage is much more than a set of techniques. It’s about the deepest of connections; it’s about taking time out to nourish ourselves and deepen our bond with our babies. In my classes, I support the development of individual journeys embarked on in a friendly atmosphere and surrounded by supportive peers. It’s a journey that I am privileged to be part of and I am truly honoured when parents invite me to be part of this incredible connection.

Outside of baby massage, I enjoy travelling with my family, where we like to explore nature. We love to play as a family and enjoy being at the beach or walking our dog on the meadows, or even kayaking. I enjoy taking time out for myself with yoga, reading, and creating silver and crystal jewellery.