The Real Birth Antenatal Class - Welcome To The Real Birth Company
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About The Real Birth Company

Welcome To The Real Birth Company Where We Believe In Positive Birth

What We Do

Everything we do is for positive birth. Whether this is through antenatal classes, training programmes or support groups.

Our unique antenatal class is called The Real Birth Workshop. This antenatal class was designed to support and empower women through the incredible journey of pregnancy and birth.

We also train midwives and other birth professionals in our certified Real Birth Programme. This teacher training allows them to teach The Real Birth Workshop to women in their local area.

It was clear to us that we needed somewhere relaxing to complement our positive birth ethos. That was when Real Birth Studio was born. The Studio is where a lot of the magic happens! We run courses, classes and support groups from here.

Our Ethos

Fear of birth is very common. Our goal is to help women and their birth partners feel relaxed, and even excited, about the birth process.

We believe that every expecting parent should be able to access positive birth information and guidance. Our antenatal class is designed to do exactly that.

We want every birth experience to be positive no matter what birth choices you are making.

What We Offer

Our Real Birth Studio has been created to complement our beliefs by promoting a calm, home-from-home environment to feel safe and unwind. As well as running our Real Birth Workshop antenatal class from here, we also run many different antenatal classes, postnatal classes, pamper days, support classes, and events for mums and mums-to-be.

The Real Birth Workshop helps to empower women and their birth partners. Knowledge about our bodies and how we birth our babies can help you to visualise your birth during labour. Feeling empowered and knowledgeable can build your confidence. It is important to have confidence in your body, in yourself and in your birth partner as this can help you to have a calm birth and labour. It doesn’t matter whether you are hoping for a natural home birth, or have a caesarean planned. Staying relaxed and calm in labour and birth benefits your baby and helps you to have a positive birth experience.

The antenatal class also guides you through methods for relaxation. We teach birth partners techniques for soothing and supporting during labour and birth. The Real Birth Workshop antenatal class emphasises how having a baby is a natural, normal process for our bodies. We focus on calm and relaxation during this time.

Our dedication to positive birth and empowerment for new and expecting parents doesn’t stop there. We teach The Real Birth Programme to midwives and other birth professionals. We created this course so that positive birth can be taught and promoted all over the country. If you are interested in teaching The Real Birth Programme please get in touch with us.