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Sign up for The Real Birth Workshop

We know how nervous you can feel when you find out you’re pregnant, how daunting labour might seem, and what the media often shows us can be, quite frankly, terrifying. However, labour and birth don’t have to be a screaming trauma. If you are hoping for a calm, relaxed birth, which helps you and your baby bond, then we can help you to achieve that.

It is so important to have confidence in yourself and your body during pregnancy, labour and birth. We can help you to understand just how incredible your body is, and we present this information in a completely unique way that no one else does. Our trademarked way of teaching is proven to help you to have a positive birth experience.

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Holistic antenatal classes

Our antenatal course is different to others out there, we stand apart from the crowd because we believe in positive birth, and we teach our course in a unique way that no one else does. We uplift, support and guide you on this beautiful journey, giving you the reassurance you deserve when you need it the most.

We teach The Real Birth Workshop all around the country to hundreds of women and their birth partners, with incredible results.

If you take one step towards a positive birth today, let it be signing up to The Real Birth Workshop!