West Yorkshire - The Real Birth Company
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West Yorkshire

Tracy Ripley

I delighted to be joining The Real Birth Company!
The Real Birth Workshop and my business fit together perfectly. I am a former Midwife and Health Visitor who has now created a truly holistic and individual service for the well-being and wishes of women and their families, from pre-conception to early days after birth. I am dedicated to facilitating and promoting choice and empowerment through my workshops.
I offer a range of traditional massage therapies and woman-centred guidance including, Aromatherapy (Royal College of Midwives Accredited in Childbirth and Labour). Reflexology and Pregnancy /Post Natal recovery.
Supporting women and their birth partners further, I am available as a birth and postnatal advocate or Doula more details about this service are available on my website.
For those who need additional support in processing birth experiences, I offer Three Step Rewind Technique – this guided learning tool may be useful to both women and men in regaining emotional well-being.
My mission is to offer continuity and support to women and their partners throughout the journey of birth and beyond.

Tracy Ripley


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