The Real Birth Company has been born from the idea that every woman should be able to access positive, affordable, evidence-based information. We believe totally that informative antenatal education is a vital part of pregnancy, and over the last 3 years our programme has been shared with 1000’s of women.

The Real Birth Programme has been developed to look at birth with a modern approach. We use the latest up to date evidence-based information and is being constantly developed to move with the ever-changing maternity services.


To impart knowledge with confidence to empower pregnant women and people and their birth partners at this very special time.

To provide relevant, up to date evidence based antenatal information that is imparted with a positive attitude to birth.


The Real Birth Company is all about helping women achieve a positive pregnancy and birth experience. Our positive approach to birth is deeply embedded in our ethos and values.
You will learn to facilitate face-to-face and virtual workshops, using our accredited antenatal teacher training programme. The most common format is facilitating the birth workshop over 1-day, however this can be split into smaller lessons.
You will learn how to impart these sessions, in any format, in a positive manner and help support women regardless of their birthing choices.
You will gain a certificate as a registered Real Birth Antenatal Teacher and gain access to our supportive Hub, that is full of resources and information for your sessions along with support from your Peers. Within the Hub are training videos and updates, so you can always refresh your memory prior to taking a class!
Your training will allow you to set up and deliver your own antenatal sessions or 1-2-1 classes, either within a private framework or if you work in the NHS it will enhance your current offering for antenatal classes or assist you to redevelop the provision you have. In all cases it will give you additional skills and thought processes, at what it means to impart positive, evidence-based, antenatal education classes.
The course is structured over three days face-to-face or 4 days virtually. The last day on each course, being your assessment day. This is a fun day and nothing to feel concerned about! It’s an opportunity to bring together with your peers, all your training. Here you will be assessed on presenting the programme to your peers.

“I really enjoyed the interaction as Zoe encouraged us to write notes on our flip art and she would provide constructive feedback on our revision. She is very passionate about Real Birth and I feel this is passed on through the training.”

- June 2020
“The break out rooms were very helpful as each of us had a slightly different Way of writing the information as notes and we shared our knowledge and notes and helped each other to practice. I felt this time away allowed us to interact in a way we probably wouldn’t have if we were face to face.”
- June 2020


- June 2020

“I loved the content, the format and the friendliness. Just the right amount of pace vs support. Even though it was scary at first, presenting the course back was invaluable to make sure I’d understood the content and for feedback on how I came across and what to work on. Almost wish I could do the course again!”

- July 2020

“Love the philosophy and ethos! The knowledge sharing and empowerment.”

- July 2020

“I have recently had the privilege of completing the Real Birth training programme, with Zoe and five other amazing Irish midwives. The Programme has given me a completely new view of antenatal education. This programme puts women in the centre of a positive, informed interactive class. The way the class is delivered is empowering for both Women and Midwives. I can’t wait to start teaching it here!!”

- January 2019

“As a midwife who taught antenatal classes this class has given me a totally different perspective on teaching. I cannot wait to teach this programme using our positive language and doing things in reverse! Also as a midwife in the hospital I cannot wait to turn our delivery suite to our birthing suite and caring for women in labour using our positive language. I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 day course. It was intense but it was my favourite by far.”

- January 2019
“I like the relaxed environment and pace of the days.”
- February 2019

“I have just been to train with Zoe at the Real Birth Studio, and to say it was amazing is an understatement! She is so passionate about women and their birth experiences …it really rubs of on you. The course is jam packed with evidence based antenatal information so I know that I will always be teaching up to date material.”

- April 2019

“I know how Zoe works and it wasn’t just ‘good’ it was excellent! Every detail made it not only interesting to teach but fascinating to take part in. A lot of the content I knew nut had forgotten because we just don’t go into detail as midwives – the NHS classes are very medicalised. I can’t wait for my first workshop.”

- March 2018
“This course is excellent. As a midwife, it has really helped not only with antenatal education but also with practice.”
- March 2018
“As a midwife for over 15 years, there were so many things I gained from attending this course!”
- July 2018
“Enjoyed the innovative reverse teaching technique.”
- October 2018
“I enjoyed everything and can’t wait to deliver the course. It’s very easy to follow and stimulating.”
- October 2018
“The course was amazing, I cannot wait to share my knowledge with mums and dads to be.”
- January 2018


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As a Real Birth Antenatal Teacher you will be expected to source your own venue that its suitable for your clients, if you live in an area where there is a Real Birth Studio, you can negotiate the use of this building for your sessions. The Real Birth Studios are a franchise model of specifically sourced venues, purposely designed to support antenatal education and support. If this is something that interests you please contact us separately.
Our class sizes are not large, we would suggest sizes of between 5-10, plus their birth partners if they choose to bring one or more! The cost per person varies from county to county, a general guide is between £80 to £140 for a workshop and between £20 to £30 a birth partner.
1-2-1 sessions also vary across the UK from £150 – £300.
We also encourage you to consider offering places for people who may not be able to attend due to financial circumstances. We actively ask you to consider a reduced rate for people on benefits or with other circumstances.
There is not a limit to the number of workshops that you decide to hold over the year, you do not pay The Real Birth Company for taking any classes.

Our training courses are insured by Holistic Insurance. Member type: HIS Training School UK.

We hold appropriate Professional Liability, Public Liability, Errors, and Omissions including Malpractice and Products Liability Insurance.