Our mission is to impart knowledge with confidence to empower people and their birth partners at this very special time. To provide relevant, up to date evidence based antenatal information that is imparted with a positive attitude to birth.

The Real Birth Training Programme helps provide, midwives, doulas, student midwives and childbirth educators, with the knowledge and skills in sharing information that supports choice. With the aim of helping women and their birth partners, learn about birth physiology and labour. Using current evidenced-based information, combined with a holistic approach to maternity care, you will learn how to combine these two approaches, resulting in imparting information that supports physiology and promotes choice.

This involves looking at current day attitudes to pregnancy and birth, the psychology of birth for today’s pregnant women, and helping to encourage women to become involved in decision making through empowering them, whilst creating a positive class-learning environment.

Amongst learning about how to impart this positive birth physiology class, you will learn how the negative language used in childbirth creates confirmation of inner doubts and subconscious belief. You will also learn about the effect of using positive birth language, and how it can help.

This programme is designed to help promote a positive birth experience for women irrespective of birthing choices; irrespective of care pathways and helping women understand the process of birth. Mainly it’s about having fun and encouraging women to take control of their birthing experiences.

Do you meet the eligibility criteria? Do you need the Online Birthing Basics Course?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with antenatal education becoming virtual, we also offer a session on virtual antenatal education and effective engagement and teaching methods online.


Our Teachers all hold Teaching Certificates

Zoe Wright

Founder / Teacher

Zoe Wright is a Midwife, Founder and Trainer of the Real Birth Programme. She started her career as a midwife in 2006 after having three of her own children… Read More

Rachel Oliver


I am a registered midwife and Real Birth Practitioner. I am passionate about helping women and their birth partners achieve a positive birth experience… Read More

Sarah Smith


I’m passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering women and their partners to make informed decisions about their care, and to help them feel positive and excited… Read More


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FEDANT Course Number 233580/815



The Birthing Basics course has been developed by two midwives and an antenatal educator and is designed to help you develop a basic understanding of labour and birth. You will be invited to access our online digital birth physiology e-learning programme and a variety of reading materials which will help you gain a broader understanding.
The cost of the course is £100
This course includes –

  • Media and Birth.
  • Basic Birth Physiology.
  • Choice in place of birth.
  • Birth environments.
  • Human rights in birth.
  • Skin to skin and getting feeding off to a good start.

You will be required to complete the Birthing Basics Course if you are one of the following...

Doula with no previous antenatal education training. Level 4 or equivalent in biology / physiology / health science preferably women's health related. Health professional from other disciplines. Click the box to see the Exempt Criteria and if you are Exempt from this course

You are exempt from taking the birthing basics course if you are one of the following...

• Midwife
• Nurse
• Health Visitor
• Doula
• Current Childbirth Educator with birthing basics education
• Hypnobirthing teacher (with birthing basics education)
• Obs and Gynae doctors
• Student Midwife who has completed level 4 or above