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Here at The Real Birth Company Limited, we are committed to supporting all women to access up to date and evidence-based information relating to their birth. Access to antenatal education is decreasing and the rate of caesarean section is rising. This course has been designed to provide an easily accessible form of antenatal education that is interactive, informative and fun to use. It has been shown that the women who have taken this course have a higher rate of normal birth and a reduced rate of birth by caesarean section.

The course has been written in a particular style that allows the user to learn and retain the information more effectively. The knowledge that is imparted leads to a confidence and understanding of birth that allows them to feel more empowered. This programme has shown decreased admission in the latent phase, decreased use of analgesia and an increase in women having a positive birth experience.

To help research the effectiveness of the programme further, women who successfully complete all of the segments of the course will be invited to enter into a trial which will produce a live dashboard. This dashboard will be available for all to see, showing the mode of birth for women who have taken this course.

We believe that all women should have access to this information and have produced the e-learning modules in several languages. If you have a prevalent language in your area that is not listed, we are able to translate this to your specific needs.