With much excitement, we are happy to announce that we have introduced a new membership scheme to our Hereford Real Birth Studio!

We have a lot of women who come to The Real Birth Studio more than once a week and we want to help them to save money. Pregnancy and birth can be an expensive time in our lives especially when you’re on maternity pay after having your lovely little baby.

The idea of having a membership scheme came up a few months ago when we realised that it’s not only great to save money, but we’d also like to encourage our community. Being a member at The Real Birth Studio in Hereford means more than just attending classes.

There are two types of memberships available, The Pregnant-ship which is for pregnant women, and The Baby-ship which is for postnatal women and their babies!

Our Pregnant-ship membership gives you monthly unlimited access to our antenatal education and health classes. Let’s Talk Birth is a birth education class to help you understand what’s happening in pregnancy and labour. This, combined with our antenatal aromatherapy session and Breath and Birth class, really helps give you the information you need to feel confident about birth. To relax you can add in a weekly yoga session or two and you will be very much on your way to preparing yourself for birth!  All for £49.00 a month – saving you over £90!!

With our Baby-ship membership, we want to help you find activities for you and your newborn baby. Our mum and baby classes help promote positive feelings and teach you new skills to use with your baby as you both settle into a new lifestyle. You also have unlimited access to postnatal yoga with your baby, baby massage and a postnatal recovery class focusing on the pelvic floor muscles and your core. We also invite you to join us for our postnatal aromatherapy class where you can explore the benefits of oils for postnatal recovery and for baby too! Saving again, over £90!

You could even gift a Baby-ship to a pregnant mum for her to use when she’s ready!

The memberships are split into pregnant and postnatal for one very good reason: we wanted to automatically stop your monthly membership payment on your 42nd week of pregnancy so you don’t have to. Or, you can just take it one month at a time with no commitment.

We understand that there are enough things for you to think about when your due date arrives. And we don’t want you to forget to cancel it and then pay for the membership over the 6 weeks rest after having your baby when you won’t be using it. Of course, you’re all welcome to come to our free support groups during this time as well!

The memberships will give you access to discounts, booking systems, and exclusive invites to members socials and events! The Real Birth Studio community is growing so fast, and we are so excited for you to be a part of it.

We can’t wait to see you soon!