Rachel Wood is joining our Real Birth team as a wellness coach and oil educator. She is going to teach our lovely families all about the benefits of using oils and how to do it properly, and safely.

Growing up in a house of alternative health defined Rachel’s future without her realising it at the time. It wasn’t until she became a mother herself that she appreciated just how passionate she was about alternative medicines. When she discovered dōTERRAoils about 3 years ago, she quicklycame to realise that she felt more in control of her and her family’s health. She realised that she could use the oils to help and support the people she loves without having to worry about negative side effects on the body.

Rachel lives on a smallholding with her three children and has treated her family and her animals using dōTERRAoils with amazing results. The oils are her support, her medicine cabinet, her cleaning cupboard, her go-to for emotional and physical health. She has used the oils to treat everything from a grazed knee, to a migraine, to trouble sleeping.

Being both passionate and knowledgeable about oil education, Rachel has seen the huge difference using them has made to her life. But one of the most important things is that she knows how and when to use them. She started sharing the oils with her close friends, guiding them on what to use and how. The results she saw, and feedback she had was so inspiring that she decided to start teaching others about the dōTERRAoils, and what a huge difference they can make to your emotional and physical health.

We understand that learning a whole new therapy to use for yourself and your family can be intimidating (and exciting!). And this is why Rachel has teamed up with The Real Birth Studio Hereford to offer an amazing class to support and guide you through this incredible learning journey. She will help you to understand how to incorporate the oils into your daily lives and work on healthy habits.

During the classes you will learn:
What is in an essential oil
Why natural oils can be the most powerful form of medicine
How essential oils can powerfully affect your emotions through your limbic system in your brain
Why doTERRA are different to most essential oils in their philosophy and their healing capabilities
How to use the oils and integrate them into your home
An overview of the most frequently used oils and their proven scientific studies to support their use
how to use oils safely and effective for yourself and your baby

You will learn how to use oils for yourself and your baby:
A natural way of supporting sleep
How to support digestive issues
A natural way to support immunity
A natural way to treat headaches
How to help with anxiety or stress
A way to reduce the toxicity in the home through the use of natural cleaning and hygiene products

At the end of the class there will be time to order any oils you may wish to have, and a chance to discuss personal questions.