Pregnancy sometimes comes with a long list of associated negative complaints. Anything from a headache, nausea, backache and swelling can occur, and it is something that a lot of women feel they have to resign themselves to. There’s nothing we can do about it, right?


Granted, there are some things we can’t overcome – baby bumps for instance (but why would we want to when they’re so lovely!) However, there is a great deal that we can do about easing many of the negative side effects.

It might sound boring, but exercise, healthy eating, and sleep will be your best friends throughout your pregnancy. These three things used in conjunction can help to keep sickness, excessive weight gain, and those aches and pains to a minimum. These three golden pillars can also do wonders for your mental health which can come under fire during the rollercoaster of hormones that comes with growing a baby.

We know how much you have on your mind during the nine months leading up to your due date. But if you can squeeze in a few antenatal exercise classes a week, it can make a huge difference to how you feel.

Carrying and birthing a child can be one of the toughest things your body goes through. There are many pregnancy exercise classes which focus on fortifying your body and strengthening those parts that need it the most.

A lot of pregnant women complain about backache, this is because as your baby grows, your centre of gravity shifts. Your body tries to combat this by holding itself in awkward positions which can actually result in further pain and even long-term damage. Antenatal yoga classes are designed to strengthen your core, keep your posture straight and help to alleviate any pain caused by tension and stress.

Your baby is held in place by your pelvic floor. As your baby grows and gets heavier, your pelvic floor can become strained. Yoga can help to strengthen these important muscles, which will not only help you during labour but can aid a quicker recovery too.

Pregnancy and birth can affect women in different ways. Some may have no troubles at all, others may suffer from such things as separated stomach muscles (diastasis recti), misaligned spine, and trauma to the pelvic floor. A good postnatal yoga class can help to restore all of these things. It might be hard to find the time once you’ve had your baby, but all of our postnatal yoga classes welcome your little one to join in too.

The benefits of antenatal and postnatal yoga are not only physical. Yoga can aid relaxation, decrease anxiety, encourage restorative sleep, and help you to feel more comfortable in your body. The postnatal period can be a hard time on your mental health, some may develop postnatal depression whilst others may suffer from anxiety. Studies have suggested that yoga can help to reduce blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and combat stress.

Exercise, in general, helps your body to release endorphins which elicit a feeling of happiness. Many who have suffered from mental health issues have reported progress when practising regular exercise. So if you can, come along to one of our classes and reap all the benefits!

As with any exercise class, we recommend that you chat with your midwife or GP prior to enrolling.