Zoe Wright founder of The Real Birth Company

The Real Birth Company started off as Zoe Wright’s dream to support pregnant and postnatal women.  Zoe wanted to promote positive birth with a holistic approach to pregnancy, labour and how you choose to birth your baby.

This dream has become a reality.

In 2011, Zoe started working independently to support antenatal and postnatal women. She has 12 years experience as an NHS midwife and wanted to take this expertise further. Zoe spent a long time building her client base and creating plans for her company. In 2016 The Real Birth Company was born. Only one year on and we’re already making a difference to hundreds of women’s birth experiences across the country.

Birth has been dramatised countless times in films and on television programmes. It’s been turned into something that terrifies a lot of women. There are some women who sacrifice having their own families because the idea of pregnancy and birth is too much. But we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Real Birth Workshop was created by Zoe and is a huge part of The Real Birth Company. It’s been written to help women and their birth partners learn that the female body was designed to be able to grow and birth babies. Sometimes we need help, whether this is from pain relief, forceps, or a caesarean section. But it’s not something we need to be afraid of.

Zoe has also written a course called The Real Birth Programme which trains birth professionals to teach The Real Birth Workshop. The Real Birth Programme has been RCM and FEDANT accredited. Having these accreditations is a huge achievement and demonstrates just how fantastic the course is.

There are many more ways The Real Birth Company are supporting women around the country. We are investing in Real Birth Studios which are built as a haven for pregnant women and their birth partners. The Studios run exercise and relaxation classes for pregnancy and the postnatal period. The Real Birth Workshop can also be run out of The Studios. And there are also empowering antenatal classes to attend, and events to pamper and revitalise mums and mums to be!

We are revolutionising the way women think about birth. Our emphasis is on the normalisation of it. We want women to feel confident and knowledgeable. And most of all, we want everyone to have a positive birth experience.

The Real Birth Company is about redefining pregnancy and birth. Empowering women to focus on how incredible their bodies are; to feel amazed at themselves.