Med-Tech World returned in October to its home base in Malta, Europe, for two days of networking, sessions, conferences and plenty of opportunities to share ideas and inspiration for the latest in digital health and medical tech.

On October 19th and 20th 2023 in Valletta, The Real Birth Company Founder and CEO, Zoe Wright attended the event where she met leading companies, investors, start-ups and professionals from across the health and Med-Tech industry from all over the world.

When asked how she found the event, Zoe said:

“Being at Med-Tech Malta, helped TRBC seek out new opportunities and discover new trends in digital healthcare and support. We meet with a range of experts and influencers and had the opportunity to network with peers and potential customers, I left feeling very inspired and motivated”.

Whilst there, Zoe attended the Women in Med-Tech Luncheon, hosted by Alverium Health, where the panel discussed their journey into Med-tech and Fem-Tech, their challenges, successes and future aspirations. It was a great environment to help foster good practice and meet other entrepreneurs.

One of the highlights of the conference was from US company Endiatx with a live demonstration of their innovation PillBot™.

PillBot™ is the world’s first motorized pill camera for telemedicine. It replaces the upper endoscopy (EGD) by letting doctors have a quick look inside the stomach over a telemedicine call.

There was innovation and inspiration in every session and at every stand, in short it was a fantastic opportunity with many memorable experiences. We look forward to returning!

Image by wirestock on Freepik