Why Antenatal Education Benefits Midwives

To paraphrase (or perhaps, with apologies, to butcher) Jane Austin, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman or person who is pregnant, must be in want of antenatal education”. Antenatal education in one form or another is part of almost every pregnant woman or person’s pregnancy journey, together with their partner if [...]

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Baby Hats

Baby hats: Wasted wool? For years, requests have popped up on social media, on posters in antenatal waiting rooms and via the Knitting Networks. “Volunteers needed to knit baby hats for newborns in the maternity unit”. Such requests are a godsend for folks like me – yarn lovers [...]

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Vaginal examinations, information about choices and rights

Vaginal examinations, information about choices and rights. When we hear women and people discussing their births, there are two sets of numbers we tend to hear about: Dilation* - as in how many centimetres open their cervix was at different times in their labour, and the baby’s weight. “I was 6cm at 4.30, then two [...]

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Benefits of Antenatal Education – For Pregnant Women & People

Benefits of Antenatal Education There is a failing in our school system, and it is that despite all of the sex education and reproductive biology that we may have all had to giggle through, there is nothing – and I mean nothing – on birth itself, beyond the fact that the baby comes out [...]

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Your Guide to Early Pregnancy

Early Pregnancy can be an exciting yet daunting time. With an abundance of information out there and advice from various people, what information can you trust? Who should you listen to? At the Real Birth Studio, we try to cut through the mountain of information and provide you with a session that will help pull [...]

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Practical wisdom from a maternity nurse

This September, our friends at Orphans Publishing are excited to be releasing respected maternity nurse Fiona Cooke's guide to the early days with a newborn baby: A Helpful Guide to a Happy Baby: Practical Wisdom from a Maternity Nurse for 0-3 months. The good news is if you can’t make the launch in London (Waterstones Kings [...]

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Benefits of yoga in pregnancy

Pregnancy sometimes comes with a long list of associated negative complaints. Anything from a headache, nausea, backache and swelling can occur, and it is something that a lot of women feel they have to resign themselves to. There’s nothing we can do about it, right? Wrong. Granted, there are some things we can’t overcome – [...]

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