What is a positive birth?

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear” - Jane Weideman We talk a lot about positive birth experiences. It’s the foundation of our company, and we strongly believe it’s attainable for every mum-to-be! There are many misconceptions about what a positive birth experience is. A lot of people think that it [...]

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The birth of our new membership

With much excitement, we are happy to announce that we have introduced a new membership scheme to our Hereford Real Birth Studio! We have a lot of women who come to The Real Birth Studio more than once a week and we want to help them to save money. Pregnancy and birth can be an [...]

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Where We’ve Come From

The Real Birth Company started off as Zoe Wright’s dream to support pregnant and postnatal women.  Zoe wanted to promote positive birth with a holistic approach to pregnancy, labour and how you choose to birth your baby. This dream has become a reality. In 2011, Zoe started working independently to support antenatal and postnatal women. [...]

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